Surface Water Engineering 

TerraConsult design the surface water management systems for infrastructure, commercial developments, extractive industry and waste management sites.  TerraConsult provides a comprehensive design and management service to provide holistic integration of flood risk assessment and flood modelling.  This integrates Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and the latest concepts of WSUDs (Water Sensitive Urban Design) into developments where feasible.  Our goal is to work with the natural environment to enhance a development (at initial design or retrospectively) and improve the local quality of life and green infrastructure by preventing pollution, improve public amenity and enhance biodiversity.

Flood Risk Management

  • A sequential Flood Risk Assessments approach utilising technical processes such as hydraulic and overland flow modelling to predict flood routes and water depths. 

  • Design of flood mitigation strategies and innovative protection measures to enhance biodiversity. 

  • Flood alleviation studies and utilisation of land release techniques.

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

  • Conceptual designs & planning advice.

  • Soakaway/infiltration testing.

  • Drainage Impact Assessments.

  • Detailed design.

  • Retrofit SuDS schemes.

  • Hard and soft landscaped SuDS solutions.

  • Permeable pavement design.

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