Research on Ground Gases

TerraConsult is conducting a long term research programme to understand the composition and variability of natural ground gases and how to differentiate these from anthropogenic sources.

As part of the programme TerraConsult have sponsored a Ph.D student at Newcastle University under the supervision of Dr Jean Hall, Professor David Manning and TerraConsult MD John Martin. Part of the findings of that research forms the basis of a paper published by the QJEGH a copy of which can be obtained here


The findings of this research have already been used to inform the development of the Landfill Industry Code of Practice (ICoP) for Perimeter Soil Gas Emissions Criteria and Associated Management.

TerraConsult wish to thank Biffa, FCC, Suez, Viridor, Brock and Booth Ventures for kindly allowing their excellent long term ground gas monitoring data to be used for this research.

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