TerraConsult secure deposit for recovery permit on quarry restoration scheme

TerraConsult have recently assisted a client by varying their bespoke deposit for recovery permit which will allow the successful restoration to agriculture of a large sand and gravel quarry. Due to the unexpected extent of the mineral reserve the available void space had increased and consequently the permitted waste tonnage was insufficient to complete the restoration of the site in accordance with the approved scheme.

TerraConsult completed a Waste Recovery Plan demonstrating that the use of the waste material was a direct replacement for virgin material. The primary justification for this was demonstrating the site’s planning permission obligated the owner to complete the restoration with waste or virgin material. TerraConsult also produced a site specific hydrogeological risk assessment and associated waste acceptance criteria that demonstrated that the site posed minimal risk to the environment. This successful variation effectively doubled the quantity of waste that was permitted to be used.

Allied to this TerraConsult demonstrated to the Environment Agency’s satisfaction that the dewatered silt produced in the processing of the mineral and treated under a Standard Rules Mining Waste Environmental Permit was completely recovered. This allowed the silt to be used in the quarry restoration without adding to the regulatory burden placed upon the site.


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