Fire Prevention and Control in the Waste and Recycling Industry Conference

Claire Finney and Ben King attended the recent Fire Prevention and Control in the Waste and Recycling Industry conference .

The conference had a wide range of attendees including Fire Service and representatives from the Insurance industry alongside those from the waste and recycling industry. Speakers included Gill Weekes from the Environment Agency who gave a strategic overview of the Agency’s approach to Fire Prevention Plans in the future and Mark Allen, Director of Willis Tower Watson, who gave a sobering assessment of the view that the Insurance industry has of the management of fire risk in the waste management sector. Chris Jones from WISH gave an update on the latest set of practical fire tests that had been carried out which led to a useful discussion on the usefulness of sprinklers in waste storage situations.

Overall the conference reinforced the need to consider the fire prevention and control aspect of a site at the design stage of a project and confirmed that TerraConsult’s approach to Fire Prevention Plans has been the right one.

Please contact us if you need a fire prevention plan or are in discussion with the Environment Agency over one that has been submitted.

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