North Leigh 75 Hectare Land Development

TerraConsult has commenced work on a 75 hectare development site at North Leigh, near Wigan in the Greater Manchester area. The site has planning permission for employment land, 1800 houses, open space (including recreational areas and habitat) and road infrastructure.

Within the site there are five landfills, extensive former coal workings (underground mining, 37 mineshafts, opencast pits & colliery spoil heaps), other quarries, a brickworks, a sewage works, two scrap yards and various areas of other made ground.

TerraConsults brief includes Desk Studies, extensive Ground Investigations, and the preparation of multiple Phase 2, Remediation and Implementation Reports.

The Ground Investigations will comprise a range of trial pitting, cable percussion boring, rotary drilling and dynamic sampling techniques with associated sampling, testing and a programme of environmental monitoring.

#ContaminatedLand #Geotechnical


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