Kuwait Contaminated Soil Repository

TerraConsult were the lead design engineer for the construction of this 1 million tonne repository for hydrocarbon contaminated soils in the desert south of Kuwait City.

This sequence shows how the site was created from a blank desert canvas, infilled and then restored with a layer of gravel. Constructed in 2014, then infilled and capped in 2017.

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The repository was used as part of the operations to remediate land affected by oil spills in the Gulf War when the retreating Iraq army set fire to Kuwait’s Oilfields.

TerraConsult conducted a site selection study, site investigations, environmental monitoring, hydrogeological studies, earthworks and landfill engineering design, leachate management study, surface water design, construction supervision and CQA, and preparation of the operational, monitoring and post closure plans.

Maybe one day in the future the repository will be mined for its hydrocarbons but in the meantime it will no longer pose a risk to the environment.

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