Sohar Hazardous Waste Landfill

TerraConsult has recently completed work at the Oman Sohar IWTF, one of the world’s largest hazardous waste management facilities. Our role was lead design engineer for the three landfills within the complex and to design the 400,000 m3 earthworks for a 30 hectare development platform.

The photo shows the June 2018 state of construction of a double composite lined hazardous waste landfill site on the IWTF complex. There are 8 geosynthetic layers in the engineered containment lining system, including 2 sets of HDPE/GCL, drainage and protective geotextiles.

This landfill is one of three being constructed which will provide 18 million m3 of voidspace on the complex, in accordance with a masterplan prepared by TerraConsult for the Oman government waste authority (Be'ah). The photo shows the first cell of the hazardous waste landfill; there is a separate non-hazardous cell which has now been constructed and an inert landfill on other parts of the site.

The large flat area in the background shows part of the development platform, which will be used to site a substantial waste management complex, including the installation of chemical and thermal treatment plants.

The TerraConsult brief on this multi-million dollar D&B contract included site investigations, environmental monitoring, hydrogeological studies, landfills masterplanning, earthworks design, landfill design, surface water management design, construction support (including CQA) and preparation of the operations, environmental monitoring and closure plans.


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