Landfill Engineering

Design, Construction, Operations and Post-Closure Support

TerraConsult is a leading international specialist in the development of landfill facilities, from site evaluation, environmental impact assessment, engineering design, geosynthetics design, regulatory applications, contract specification, construction support, QA and verification.  In addition to the obtaining appropriate permissions and permits, TerraConsult also provides services to waste operators throughout the operation of sites, leading into the aftercare phase and eventually surrender. 

Landfill Design Services

  • Masterplanning and Facility Design 

  • Design of containment systems for hazardous, non-hazardous and inert wastes.

  • Site infrastructure such as offices, access roads, weighbridges, services, wheel-washes, lagoons and tanks, gas control compounds, waste reception and storage compounds.

  • Site development, cell phasing, earthworks evaluation and materials balance.

  • Geosynthetics design (membranes, reinforcement, protective and drainage geotextiles).

  • Basal, side slope and steep wall lining system design.

  • Landfill leachate and gas collection and extraction systems.

  • Capping and restoration systems including surface water drainage, collection and disposal.

  • Design of near surface Low Level Radioactive Waste repositories.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (hydrogeological, surface water, air quality and human health risk assessments)

Construction Support and Quality Assurance Supervision

  • Construction Project Management, Resident Engineer and CQA services.

  • Large scale formation earthworks including access roads, embankments, bunds and groundwater cut-off walls.

  • Construction of landfill containment engineering including basal / sidewall lining and capping components.

  • Supervision of landfill leachate drainage blanket, pipework and abstraction wells

  • Retro-installation of landfill leachate / gas abstraction and monitoring wells.

  • On-site earthworks testing using Nuclear Density Gauges (NDG), SRD, core cutters, hand vanes and plate load tests.

  • Sampling, scheduling and managing laboratory analysis and reporting of geotechnical and chemical samples.

  • Supervision of installation of Geosynthetic components

  • Classification of materials for construction, recovery or disposal based on assessment of geotechnical and chemical properties.

  • Comprehensive reporting of landfill construction CQA information using effective liaison with Client and Regulator

  • Verification and liaison with Client and Regulator 

Operational Site Support

  • Operations & Environmental Monitoring Plans

  • Audit, assessment and re-design of leachate and gas management systems.

  • Design and implementation of landfill gas and leachate pumping trials to optimise gas generation, leachate /  gas recovery and help achieve compliance.

  • Management for low gas generation sites including use of non-combustion methane treatment technologies.

  • Design, specification and installation support for retro-drilled leachate wells.

  • Maintenance of leachate wells, pumps, pipework and combustion/recovery systems.

  • Evaluation of leachate generation, treatment and disposal costs.

Closed Site Support

  • Remediation of closed dumpsites

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Evaluation and remediation of leachate and landfill gas control systems

  • Regulatory support for compliance and permit surrender

  • Design and installation of passive leachate and gas management systems

  • Landfill gas migration and risk assessment studies

  • Groundwater contamination risk assessments

  • Redevelopment on former landfill sites

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