A detailed understanding of soil mechanics, rock mechanics, engineering geology, hydrogeology and civil engineering processes is essential for the successful design and construction of foundations, retaining structures, embankments, cuttings and landfill containment systems.  Where relevant TerraConsult carries out all designs in accordance with British Standards and Eurocode 7.

Geotechnical Capabilities

  • Desk study and site appraisal

  • Ground investigation

  • Foundation design e.g. spread, raft, piles

  • Design to allow for clay shrinkage and heave

  • Design and specification of ground improvement measures e.g. Drainage, Vibro techniques, Dynamic compaction, Stabilisation and solidification, Soil and rock reinforcement

Slope Design in Soil and Rock

  • Embankments

  • Cuttings

  • Containment systems

  • Reinforced earth

  • Soil nails and ground anchors

  • Rockface stabilisation

Design of Retaining Structures

  • Reinforced concrete walls

  • Piled walls

  • Sheet-piled walls

  • Cofferdams and temporary works

  • Reinforced earth

Design using Specialist Materials

  • Geosynthetics

  • Bentonite Enriched Soils (BES) and slurries

  • Lime and cement stabilised soils

Materials Testing and Evaluation

  • Earthworks, engineered clay liners

  • Geosynthetics (separation, filtration, reinforcement, membranes etc.)

  • Reinforced concrete (e.g. bunds, tanks, walls, etc.)

  • Physical testing of aggregates, concrete and rock

  • Chemical compatibility and contamination testing.

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