Environmental Policy Statement

TerraConsult provides environmental, permitting, engineering consultancy and contracting services to our Clients in the public and private sectors. Due to the mainly office based and advisory nature of our activities, our direct impact on the environment is modest. We have greater scope to make a beneficial contribution to the environment through the advice and designs we provide to our Clients.
The Directors are committed to managing the business in a manner which reduces adverse environmental impacts and enhances positive environmental and social outcomes. This commitment applies to the business activities of the Company as well as the services and advice provided to our Clients. It will be achieved through the effective implementation of a comprehensive Environmental Management system (EMS) in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard.
The Company is committed to:
  • minimising our direct impacts on the environment by preventing pollution, nuisance, and disruption through the implementation of operational controls;
  • providing advice to our clients which promotes positive environmental outcomes;
  • promoting designs which consider the environmental impacts and sustainability of the designed elements at all stages of their life cycle – from design to construction, customer use and final decommissioning or disposal;
  • minimising waste and when waste production is unavoidable the reuse or recycling of materials, and disposal of waste through safe and responsible methods;
  • communicating this policy to our staff, to train them in environmental awareness and to encourage them to identify and take advantage of opportunities to reduce the environmental impact of our activities;
  • fulfilling our regulatory compliance obligations;
  • continually improve the EMS and enhance environmental performance;
  • reviewing this policy as necessary on at least on an annual basis.
TerraConsult’s Environmental Policy Statement and its EMS apply to all personnel and subcontractors to the Company as appropriate to the work being undertaken.  It is the duty of all personnel to apply the requirements of these documents to their activities.
John Martin
Managing Director
October 2020
IMS-PS002 Issue 17
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