Environmental Permitting

TerraConsult’s staff have many years experience of planning, permitting and construction of modern waste facilities and the approach needed to keep cost effective projects to schedule.  Our Client base encompasses small, local operators to international consortiums, working in the United Kingdom, Eire, Continental Europe and Africa.  We have worked on all developmental stages of a wide range of waste facilities including Landfill; Material Recycling Facilities (MRF), Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT), In-Vessel Compositing (IVC), and Waste Combustion Processes including energy from waste plants. In addition our permitting experience extends to a wide range of industrial permitted sites, including non-ferrous metal melting, wood treatment and mineral extraction and processing.

The Environmental Permitting Regulations enforce the stringent legislative controls introduced by a wide range of European Directives.  We have a professional multi-disciplinary Environmental Permit team that has the appropriate experience and technical skills to produce new permits and variations for all types of facilities.

Environmental Permitting

  • Geological, Hydrogeological and Hydrological studies and risk assessments.

  • Waste stability and settlement risk assessments.

  • Landfill gas risk assessments and Carbon Dioxide ICoP-based compliance limit reviews.

  • Waste assessment and classification.

  • Air dispersion modelling.

  • Bioaerosol risk assessments.

  • Applications for Environment Agency, NRW, SEPA and Local Authority regulated permits.

Closed Site Management

  • Pro-active liaison with the environmental regulators and Planning Authorities.

  • Post-closure restoration schemes using appropriate regulatory framework and permission.

  • Negotiation of risk-based discharge consents for surface-runoff or low risk leachate to sewer or surface water.

  • Cost / benefit analysis of current post-closure management fees against likely surrender application costs.

  • Risk-based applications for site closure, permit surrender, transfer, variation, multi-facility permit consolidation and new permits.

  • Review of subsistence fee calculations.

  • Training of staff in post-closure landfill management.

  • Training of staff in post-closure landfill management.

Planning and Legal

  • Provision of Specialist input to Environmental Impact Assessments,  e.g. geological, hydrogeological and surface water components.

  • Management of ecological survey consultants pre-and post-development.

  • Due Diligence investigations and Expert Witness Services.

  • Instruction, management and publishing of surveyors data into clear concise drawings.

  • Feasibility studies and planning applications for redevelopment of closed sites.

  • Landfill Tax compliance.

Environmental Monitoring and Permit Compliance

  • Design of environmental monitoring schemes in accordance with permit requirements.

  • Installation of monitoring boreholes including full CQA supervision and surveying.

  • Tendering, instruction and management of competitively costed 3rd Party laboratory services.

  • Provision of competent field monitoring technicians with appropriate transport to remote and location-sensitive sites.

  • Holistic approach to data management from sampling of monitoring points, chain of custody of analytical data, review against compliance limits (if required) and presentation of data to Client or Regulator.

  • Auditing of monitoring infrastructure to ensure it is fit for purpose and recommendation of remedial measures if required.

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