Contaminated Land

TerraConsult offers a fully integrated, multidisciplinary geotechnical and environmental contaminated land consultancy service, providing a wide range of services from initial feasibility studies and investigations through to design and project management of remediation and validation. We use the latest techniques for environmental risk assessment and risk mitigation.


Our large and experienced geo-environmental team will provide a coherent understanding of the contamination, geotechnical and regulatory issues at each site. We also take into account commercial considerations when advising on land remediation, including those relating to retention and re-use of materials, foundation design, civil engineering works and surface water drainage.

Phase 1 Desk Study

  • Provision of Phase 1 Desk Study Reports

  • Environmental Searches

  • Historical Searches

  • Site Walkover

  • Geological Searches

  • Hydrogeological Searches

  • Mining Searches

Phase 2 Site Investigations

  • Trial Pits

  • Cable Percussive Boreholes

  • Rotary Boreholes

  • Window Sampling

  • Geotechnical Testing

  • Chemical Testing

  • Groundwater and Interpretative Reporting

Remediation Management

  • Remedial Strategies and Remedial Works Design Specification

  • Quantities Estimation

  • Regulatory Liaison

  • Contract Management

  • Supervision

  • Monitoring

  • Validation

Environmental Services

  • Contaminated Land Assessment

  • Ground Gas Monitoring & Soil Vapour Surveys

  • Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling

  • Hydrogeological studies

  • Human Health Risk Assessment

  • Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments (DQRA) for controlled waters using a range of risk assessment modelling tools

Materials Management

  • Material Management Plans

  • CL:AIRE Definition of Waste Code of Practice

  • CL:AIRE CoP Qualified Person

  • Environmental Permitting

  • Expert Witness

Geotechnical & Civil Engineering Services

  • Design and specification of foundations

  • Design and specification of ground improvement measures

  • Design of slopes in soil and rock

  • Design of retaining structures

  • Design and Supervision of Earthworks

  • Design and Installation Supervision of Geosynthetic Materials

  • Materials Testing and Evaluation

  • Design of Roads, Pavements & Drainage

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