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Environmental Policy

TerraConsult is committed to continual improvement in environmental performance through a comprehensive Environmental Management System. This EMS is certified by BSI to ISO 14001:2015.

We recognise that our operations can have an effect on the local, regional and global environment.

It is the Company’s policy to:

    • minimise the Company’s effects on the environment as generated by our activities;
    • commit to protecting the environment by preventing pollution, nuisance, and disruption that may result from the Company’s activities through the implementation of operational controls;
    • promote sustainable development by conserving energy, materials and resources by promoting a culture of minimising waste, selecting appropriate methods and efficient execution of its activities;
    • consider the environmental impacts and sustainability of designs, developments and products at all stages of their life cycle – from design to construction, customer use and final decommissioning or disposal;
    • minimise waste and where possible reuse or recycle materials and dispose of waste through safe and responsible methods;
    • train employees in environmental awareness to enhance awareness of the potential impacts of its activities and implement appropriate control and mitigation measures;
    • implement facility and contract specific Project Plans to identify and minimise potential environmental impacts;
    • seek to address our impact on the environment through the sustainable procurement of goods and services and select suppliers of goods and services who adhere to this objective;
    • set objectives and targets to continually improve its environmental performance;
    • audit and inspect operations to monitor the effectiveness of these principles;
    • commit to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations relating to the Company’s activities;
    • commit to continually improve the EMS and enhance environmental performance;
    • review this policy as necessary on at least on an annual basis.


TerraConsult’s Environmental Policy Statement and its Environmental Management System apply to all personnel and subcontractors to the Company as appropriate to the work being undertaken. It is the duty of all personnel to apply the requirements of these documents to their activities.

John Martin

Managing Director
July 2018
IMS-PS002 Issue 14